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20th – 21st November 2014,

St. Petersburg, Russia

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Welcome to the 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference

and Mobile Trends Forum!



The Mobile VAS & Apps Conference, held every year since 2003, has established itself as the premier mobile industry forum in Eastern Europe. The central purpose of the conference is to provide an informal, inspiring environment for meaningful person-to-person communication.   We do our best to make this conference an ideal place to promote business networking.   


The conference sees 500 participants or more every year from around the world. We have hosted participants from Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, UK, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Egypt, Israel, India, Iran, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Latvia, Lebanon, Moldova, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, US, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia, South Korea and Japan.


These people were business proprietors, CEOs and heads of departments who represented successful companies from different sectors of the mobile industry.


The conference’s featured speakers are usually the industry’s leading lights from all over the world. The conference offers a prime environment for informal networking, the sharing of ideas and the forging of business ties between professionals from countries far apart.


This Mobile VAS & Apps Conference will be the 10th. Wishing to make it even more informative and meaningful we have decided to add a new event, the Mobile Trends Forum, to the conference this year. The Mobile Trends Forum will consist of a series of focus sessions exploring the key trends and drivers of the mobile industry.

The Mobile Trends Forum will take place on the second day of the conference, 22nd November.


The target audience of Mobile VAS & Apps Conference and Mobile Trends Forum

The event is primarily intended for all those who wish to envision their company’s or team’s business strategy years ahead, those who are facing an important investment policy choice, those who want to meet some of the best exponents of the Russian and international mobile business community in person, or those who wish to understand what makes the Russian and international mobile technology market tick nowadays and what the future holds for the mobile industry.  


At different times, the Mobile VAS&Apps Conference has been sponsored by some of the leading mobile players: Amdocs, A1 Systems, App Annie, Dialogic, Digia, Ericsson, i-Free, Mauj Telecom, Nokia, Opera Software, Payonline, Premium Mobile, Qualcomm, RealNetworks, Softkey and others 


Conference languages: Russian and English, translation provided.

Dress code: casual business dress, no ties.



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