20th – 21st November 2014,

St. Petersburg, Russia

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  • i-Free Names Sponsors and Partners of 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference and Mobile Trends Forum


    As all of its predecessors, the 10th conference is backed by the premier mobile players and major mobile industry media. This year’s sponsors are MasterCard (“Platinum Sponsor”), Samsung, PayOnline and SAP (which will sponsor the dinner buffet at the award ceremony for Russian Mobile Awards winners).


    “It is a great honor for us to host the mobile innovation trailblazers as the forum’s sponsors this year,” said Ekaterina Ivanova, head of i-Free Events and of the conference organizing committee. “Cutting-edge innovation and the latest market trends will be the focus of the 10th conference.”   


    “Integration of payment technology, mobile services and NFC solutions is a hot trend globally today,” said Dmitry Tartyshev, Vice President for Business Development at MasterCard, the conference’s Platinum Sponsor. “We are glad that the VAS & Apps Conference will dwell extensively on these issues. I’m sure that our partnership will be a success, and the conference will give a new impetus to the mobile industry in Russia and beyond.” 


    “The Mobile VAS & Apps Conference is a crucial forum for IT professionals to communicate and debate the industry’s prime agenda,” said Aleksey Pronichev, who leads the multimedia solutions center at Samsung, a sponsor of this year’s Mobile VAS & Apps Conference and Mobile Trends Forum. “To us, one of the global leaders in mobile technology, the conference and forum offer a plethora of opportunities to pitch services and content under the aegis of Samsung Apps, the company’s very own app store.”


    Olga Koreneva, Director of Marketing at PayOnline, remarked: “This is not the first time we partner up with the Mobile VAS & Apps Conference. Once again, the conference is destined for success. It is awaited with impatience, and not only by mobile industry insiders. Professionals in the related industries also look forward to it. Mobile solutions have recently spread across a vast spectrum of industries, including finance. That’s where we come in.”


    The conference will be covered by writers for the leading Russian and international trade media, which have signed up as the event’s information sponsors: App2top.ru, Apps4all.ru, BFM.ru, CMS magazine, Digit.ru, EWDN, It world, MForum, Mobile Review, NBJ, Pocket Gamer, PreApps, Telecom Daily, The Paypers, RusBase, Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, SPbIT, Telecomblog, WIP, and Mobile Telecommunications.


  • Mobile Projects Showcase


    We have finished selecting among the teams who applied for participation in “Mobile Projects Showcase”. According to the results more than 25 projects will get invitations to the exhibition and will be able to visit Mobile VAS & Applications Conference and Mobile Trends Forum with a 50 % discount.



  • Sumsung becomes Sponsor of the 10th Mobile VAS & Applications Conference and Mobile Trends Forum


    Samsung Corporation, one of world’s major manufacturers of high tech components, telecom equipment, consumer electronics, and audio and video devices, became the sponsor of the 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference and Mobile Trends Forum.


    Samsung representative Alexey Pronichev will give a presentation at the “Mobile apps and distribution” session.






  • i-Free Party


    The official part of Day 1 of the Mobile VAS & Apps Conference will be followed by the traditional i-Free Party, where all conference participants are invited. i-Free Party is a great opportunity to socialise with the speakers and delegates.

  • Early bird registration for the 10th Mobile VAS & Applications Conference and Mobile Trends Forum is ending soon


    Only 7 days left till the end of Early-Bird registration for the 10th Mobile VAS & Applications Conference and Mobile Trends Forum. Register now at http://vasforum.ru/eng/registration

    If you register befor October 16, you can purchase the tickets at the low cost of US $500 for one day or US $800 for two days.

  • MasterCard becomes Platinum Sponsor of the 10th Mobile VAS & Applications Conference and Mobile Trends Forum


    This year MasterCard, one of the most important international payment systems, became Platinum Sponsor of 10th Mobile VAS & Applications Conference and Mobile Trends Forum. The representatives of MasterCard will also speak at the conference: Ergi Şener, Business Development Manager, MasterCard SEE Cluster, will give a presentation and Dmitry Tartyshev, Business Development Vice-President, MasterCard Russia, will take part in the panel discussion dealing with the development of payment services in the mobile world.



  • Speakers at the 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference and Mobile Trends Forum


    The conference’s first session, devoted to mobile app marketing in North America, South Korea and Russia, will feature presentations by Ralph Simon, CEO of Mobilium Global, Founder and Honorary Chairman of MEF Americas, and Nathan Millard, International Partnership Director at beSUCCESS, a recognized market expert on South Korea. The session will also include a presentation by Alexey Pronichev, who heads Samsung’s Media Solution Center in Russia. Mr. Pronichev will elucidate the mobile distribution opportunities offered by Samsung, the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer.  


    The next session will focus on the hottest mobile content – games and non-game apps - of the day. The speakers include:  Phil Larsen, Co-founder of Halfbrick, Marianna Kryakvina, Head of Marketing department at Creative Mobile, and Dmitry Filatov, CEO of ТopFace.


    A separate session will be dedicated to cellular operators’ strategies in a new market environment. Ekaterina Ogneva, who leads the Infotainment Services Department at Beeline, will share her company’s experience of working together with Google. Valeriy Galushka, Head of the Content Provider Relations Department at MTS, will report on the OTT (Over the Top) technology and the strategic nuances of business in today’s marketplace. Andrey Kushnarev, Content and Media Director at Megalabs, will reveal the opportunities his company offers to developers, and explore the subject of app sales via operators’ showcases.  


    Operator strategies and the market changes in the wake of the recently legislated amendments to the Communications Act will be further discussed at a roundtable moderated by Nadezhda Antsiferova, who chairs the Mobile Content and Service Providers’ Association.


    In addition, the conference’s first day, 21 November, will feature the Mobile Project Show, where new companies and startups will pitch their innovative products to publishers and potential investors. A series of short presentations will run from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.


    The highlight of the second day of the conference, 22 November, will be the Mobile Trends Forum, devoted to the hottest trends in the mobile industry. The first MTF session, New Mobile Platforms & Interfaces, will feature presentations by Bernd Schulze, Director of Business Development at Qualcomm Europe, Jostein Svendsen, CEO and Co-founder of WeVideo, Robert Bole, Director of Innovation at BBG, and Romuald Zdebskiy, Technology Strategy Lead at Microsoft, who will explore the subject of touch interfaces in mobile devices and game consoles.


    The next MTF session will dwell on mobile industry investment. The presenters will include investment executives from Silicon Valley, from Japan and Europe: Mario Tapia, Founder of MobileMonday Silicon Valley and Momentum Accelerator, Joe Jasin, Managing Director, DNA Partners, Kei Shimada, Director of Business Development, Dentsu, Harri Koponen, Senior Advisor at Rovio, and Pavel Bogdanov, General Partner at Almaz Capital.


    A special MTF session, dedicated to mobile and NFC payment solutions, will hear presentations by Boris Kim, Chairman of the Board of Qiwi Bank, Kristina Stoyanova, Interface Development Lead at Yandex.Money, Kirill Gorynya, Co-founder of i-Free, and Ergi Sener, Southeastern Europe Business Development Manager in SEE region at MasterCard. Mr. Sener will tell about some NFC products, developed by MasterCard for the mobile operator Turkcell, which currently leads the world in the use of NFC solutions in cellular applications.


    The subject of mobile finance solutions will be further explored at a series of roundtables, attended by representatives of  Visa, MasterCard, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Qiwi Bank, PayPal, Beeline, MegaFon, TKS Bank, Tavrichesky Bank, and other companies. The debate participants will discuss mobile payment services and the near-term outlook for this market segment.



  • Russian Mobile Awards: special awards from TechnoCup for "Best start-up" nominees

    This year, the nominees of the "Best start-up" category will get special awards - three teams chosen by TechnoCup will receive invitations to join the TechnoCup federal accelerator network, and their projects will be prepared for the recruitment of venture investors.


    Russian Mobile Awards'13 Application

  • 2013 Russian Mobile Awards full list of jury members

    Russian Mobile Awards'13


    Jury lineup for the Best Mobile Game category: Nadezhda Antsiferova (Mobile Content and Service Providers’ Association), Nikita Goryainov (iPhones.ru), Olga Yegorova (Samsung), Yulia Lebedeva (Nevosoft), Dmitry Martynov (Google), Eldar Murtazin (Mobile Review), Mikhail Ryazanov (Mail.Ru).


    Jury lineup for the Best Non-Game Application category: Alexander Baulin (Digit.ru, RIA Novosti), Olga Yegorova (Samsung), Ilya Kazakov (Media Group i10.ru), Dmitry Martynov (Google), Eldar Murtazin (Mobile Review), Alexander Pliushev (Radio Ekho Moskvy), Arsen Simonian (4pda), Ilya Chernetskiy (Fotostrana.ru).


    Jury lineup for the Best Mobile Service category: Nadezhda Antsiferova (Mobile Content and Service Providers’ Association), Alexey Boiko (C Forum), Valeriy Galushka (МТS), Kirill Zelenski (Kaspersky Labs), Oksana Pankratova (AC&M Consulting), Sergey Polovnikov (Content Review), Marina Efendieva (BFM.ru).


    Jury lineup for the Best Mobile Service with Mobile or Offline Payments category: Kirill Gorynya (i-Free), Viktor Dostov (E-Money Association), Boris Kim (Qiwi), Sergey Polovnikov (Content Review), Dmitri Tartyshev (MasterCard), Marina Efendieva (BFM.ru).


    Jury lineup for the Best SMS Service category: Alexey Boiko (C Forum), Valeriy Galushka (МТS), Viktor Kopchenkov (Marketing in Russia), Oksana Pankratova (AC&M Consulting), Natalia Potapova (Tele2), Roman Savvin (Sicap AG).


    Jury lineup for the Best Startup category: Alexander Baulin (Digit.ru, RIA Novosti), Sergei Borisov (Apps4all), Alexander Bryzgalov (Technocup), Albert Efimov (Skolkovo), Georgy Zamyshlyaev (i-Free Ventures), Eldar Murtazin (Mobile Review), Dmitry Repin (Digital October).


    The jury will judge entries by secret ballot. Each entry will be graded individually according to three metrics, using a 10-point scale. Then all points will be added up and divided by the number of the jury members having voted on the entry in question, yielding an average entry score. 


    Whenever the project or product being evaluated belongs to a company that has its representative on the jury of the category concerned, that jury member will not vote on the entry in question.


    The five entries with the highest average scores will make it to the finals – the Top 5. Then the jury will, also by secret balloting, vote for the winner in each category. The winners will be named at a gala ceremony to be held at 7:00 PM on 21 November, the first day of the 10th Mobile VAS&Apps Conference.


  • List of Investment Section Participants Finalized

    The discussions will focus on mobile market investment. Every speaker will begin their presentation by telling about their company and its successful investment undertakings.



    1. Mario Tapia, Founder, Mobile Monday Silicon Valley and Momentum Accelerator

    2. Pavel Bogdanov, Partner, Almaz Capital

    3. Joe Jasin, Managing Director, DNA Partners

    4. Kei Shimada, Business Development Director, Dentsu

    5. Harri Koponen, Senior Advisor, Rovio


    This section is for those who wish to set the further course of their business, discover new investment opportunities, or gauge the investment-worthiness of new high-tech ideas and startups. 


    The Investment Section will take place at Corinthia Hotel  St. Petersburg on 22 November 2013.

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