20th – 21st November 2014,

St. Petersburg, Russia

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  • i-Free announces the cancellation of this year's Mobile Trends Forum

    The conference has always attracted a large number of sponsors; however, this year the situation is different. Amendments to the "Communications Act" which became effective on May 1st, 2014, have led to a reduction in the size of additional mobile services and the mobile content market by more than 50%. This harmful recession has severely affected the business of many companies who had previously sponsored the conference.


    Under the existing conditions, conference partners cannot guarantee the allocation of sponsor funds for the forum. This has meant that i-Free has had to cancel both the conference and the Russian Mobile Awards (RMA) contest this year.


    "This decision was very painful and difficult for us", Vasiliy Kuntsevich, i-Free General Manager, said. "The conference has always provoked much interest, and many famous speakers from both Russia and other countries have confirmed their participation this year. However, the organization of such an event requires important participation of sponsors, which cannot be obtained amid the crisis in the additional mobile services industry. That's why, unfortunately, we had to cancel the conference this year. On behalf of i-Free, I would like to offer my apologies to all who were working at the organization of the event as well as those who counted on it as a platform for the development of their business. We are sure that it is only a temporary break. I believe that next year will bear positive changes, the situation in our industry will improve and the forum will be definitely held".


    Ekaterina Ivanova, Head of i-Free Events and Head of the Conference Organizing Committee, added that: "I would also like to apologize to all those who planned their participation - speakers, partners, members of the RMA judging panel and potential delegates. Thank you for your interest in the forum and your willingness to cooperate. We hope for your understanding". 



  • Registration for Mobile Trends Forum 2014 is now open

    Early Bird Registration for the conference is open today. This year you may participate in both days of the forum’s program or select only one day: this will give an opportunity  even for the delegates, which are pressed for time, to take part in the event.


    This year the conference will be focused on eight key mobile industry trends:


    • Mobile Game Development: games industry trends; monetization cases by genre; games analysis; publishing distribution and geo-specialization; possibilities of revenue sharing from mobile vendors; promising game genres; etc.
    • SMART TV. On the Threshold of a Million Dollar Industry: market review, analysis and forecasts; revenue presence and distribution between market participants in the industry; business models and promotion opportunities; what Smart TV market players rely on; does this platform have a future in the games industry; platforms and technologies.
    • Distribution from the Perspective of Mobile Phone Manufacturers: main player strategies; integration or own store; whether a pre-installed application is a reason to buy; alternative stores, sites, and channels; distribution opportunities.
    • New Devices, Technologies, and Interfaces: key player strategies; how new devices create new markets and the possibilities they provide for product and solution developers.
    • NFC Technologies: basis for the NFC market's development; outlook of cloud NFC; SE form factor and outlook of cloud solutions; innovative NFC services.
    • Operators' Section: payment methods from mobile operators; usage of WAP and web clicks; inexpertly made laws and their influence on the market; etc.
    • Mobile Payments: market player strategies under conditions of increasing legislative pressure; options for the situation's development; efficient remote user identification.
    • Offline Business Mobile Projects: using the mobile channel optimally; your own application or third-party services; relevant content; personalization or super-special offers; control over the full purchase cycle; attracting traffic to a mobile application; etc.

    Preliminary program of the forum is available here.


    Looking forward to see you on Mobile Trends Forum 2014!

  • Mobile Trends Forum is the new title of the annual Mobile VAS & Apps Conference

    The decision to rename the conference is first and foremost connected with the demands of time: the mobile communications market changes very quickly, new trends constantly appear in the industry, and we believe that Mobile Trends Forum more accurately reflects our conference's theme.


    Several changes have been made to its structure as well. Several events are now held as part of the Forum at once: the traditional conference; the Mobile Projects Showcase, where the most interesting and promising mobile products and services will be showcased; a practical games section, Mobile Game Development, aimed at developers and companies working in the mobile games industry; the Russian Mobile Awards, awarded since 2008 for the best mobile services; and the networking party i-Free Party.


    You can participate in all the Forum's events, or choose only those you are most interested in attending. Additionally, you now have the opportunity to attend the conference for only one day: the program will be created in such a way to allow delegates with a limited time to choose the most relevant subject-matter conference day.


    In our view, this structure provides a lot of freedom of choice to the Forum's participants and increases its effectiveness. As for the rest, everything is just the same: a rich program, authoritative speakers, an informal atmosphere and a range of opportunities for discussion, personal conversation, and making promising business contacts in different countries of the world. 


  • 10th Mobile VAS & Applications Conference and Mobile Trends Forum materials

    Materials related to the 10th Mobile VAS & Applications Conference and Mobile Trends Forum have been published on our website: photos and presentations which have been authorized for publication by their authors. In the "Articles about us" section, publications about the conference can be found. On the "Reviews" page, you can find videos containing comments from delegates who have visited the conference. For additional materials, please contact org@vasforum.ru. We look forward to seeing you at Mobile Trends Forum 2014!




  • i-Free Looks Back on 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference and Mobile Trends Forum


    Mobile VAS & Apps Conference is a mobile industry highlight awaited with much interest in Russia and the rest of the CIS. The conference brings together hundreds of mobile industry insiders and analysts from all over the world. This year, the conference was augmented by the Mobile Trends Forum, which focused on cutting-edge technology and the latest generation of mobile products.


    The conference and forum were attended by over 500 participants from 19 countries, most of them CEOs, top managers and employees of companies representing a variety of sectors of the global mobile industry. They were joined by independent industry watchers, technology startup owners, and reporters for more than 30 mobile industry media.


    The conference featured 24 presentations and six roundtables on the most pressing mobile agendas. Presentations were made by some of the mobile industry’s trailblazers and eminent experts: Ralph Simon (MEF), Dmitry Tartyshev (Master Card), Romuald Zdebski (Microsoft), Ekaterina Gorodianskaya (Samsung), Kirill Petrov (i-Free), Boris Kim (Qiwi), Marianna Kryakvina (Creative Mobile), Denis Nochevnov (Megalabs), Pavel Bogdanov (Almaz Capital), Robert Bole (BBG), Evgeny Lisovsky (LitRes), and many others.


    The first day of the conference was packed with sessions on mobile distribution, games and apps. At a dedicated session, mobile operators shared their newest strategies and the new opportunities they offer to developers. They also discussed MNP and current market policy. 


    On the second day, presentations were made on behalf of Microsoft, Samsung, Qualcomm and BBG, which drew a very large audience. After this, the stream split in two: some participants proceeded to discuss digital content, and others devoted their attention to mobile investments. At the end, all participants reassembled for panel debates on mobile payments and NFC technology.


    There were a few extra events during the conference this year. The Mobile Projects Show, held on 21 November, proved a viable communication format, where startup owners met with renowned publishers and potential investors. The participants were introduced to the prototypes of some new mobile products and services, and were asked to vote for their favorite project. Assistant in Russian, which received the most votes and won, is an open API mobile personal assistant app which employs artificial intelligence and, specifically, speech recognition technology.


    Along with its mission to inform, much of the conference is also about networking and effective communication. The presenters and participants wore NFC badges for easier communication. With their badges, participants could instantly exchange their contact information, send forum materials (program, list of participants, etc.) to their mailbox with a single touch, and post their photos on the conference’s Facebook page.  


    The first day of the conference ended with an award ceremony for the winners of Russian Mobile Awards’2013, which was a scripted stage show, MC’d by Andrey Bedniakov, a popular actor and entertainer, and Yulia Lebedeva, Director of Business Development at Nevosoft. The music was provided by the Tavrichesky Capella International Symphony Orchestra.


    The winners of Russian Mobile Awards were: Jungle Heat (Mail.Ru Games) in the “Best Mobile Game” category, Lingvo iOS Phrasebooks (ABBYY) in the “Best Non-Game App” category, Common Mobile Platform for the City of Moscow (Altarix) in the “Best Mobile Service” category, “All Together,” the fundraiser marathon on Channel One in the “Best SMS Service” category, Tinkoff Mobile Bank  (Tinkoff Credit Systems) in the “Best Payment Service” category, and iPressPad in the “Best Startup” category.


    After the award ceremony, all the conference participants were invited to a traditional i-Free Party, where everyone had a great time, mingling with colleagues and partners in an informal setting.


    “We did many things differently this year, and not just the formats and foci of individual sessions. The whole event concept was different,” said Ekaterina Ivanova, who leads i-Free Events and the Organizing Committee of the VAS&Apps Conference. “We wanted the conference to reach out beyond the traditional mobile community – cellular companies, vendors and service providers – to players in the new and emerging mobile sectors. Our reward are dozens of appreciative comments from both our steady participants and first-timers. We are exhilarated by the event’s success and great outputs, and we’re already making plans for the next year.”


    To see the photo report on the Mobile VAS & Apps Conference and Mobile Trends Forum, visit the official conference website, or on Facebook.





  • Winners of Russian Mobile Awards 2013


    The winning entries garnered the highest average score across all the judges. The winners received their prizes at an award gala on the first evening of the 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference in St. Petersburg. The award ceremony was emceed by Andrey Bednyakov, a popular TV presenter and entertainer, and Yulia Lebedeva, Director of Business Development at Nevosoft.


    Winners of the Russian Mobile Awards 2013:


    In the “Best Mobile Game” category, the winner was Jungle Heat, a strategy game submitted by Mail.Ru Games.  


    In the “Best Non-Game App” category, the winner was ABBYY’s Lingvo iOS Phrasebook, an app that helps users speak a foreign language by learning the most frequently used phrases, enabling them to generally feel comfortable while traveling abroad.


    In the “Best Mobile Service” category, the winner was Common Mobile Platform for the City of Moscow, created by Altarix. This is an infrastructure for municipal mobile services in which all electronic public service providers can interact with each other.


    In the “Best SMS Service category, the winner was “All Together,” the charity marathon on Channel One, which had raised upwards of 760 million rubles in flood relief funds for homesteads in the Far East. The bulk of the money was raised through text messaging.


    In the “Best Mobile Service for Mobile or Offline Payments,” the winner was Tinkoff Mobile Bank, a card and account management app created by Tinkoff Credit Systems which can deliver any financial information to a user’s smartphone.  


    In the “Best Startup” category, the winner was iPressPad, a system using the open standards HTML, CSS, and XML, which enables users to create iOS or Android mobile blogs, news bulletins or catalogues on a regular basis.


    “The goal of the Russian Mobile Awards is to identify those products and services destined to become guiding lights for mobile industry professionals, and to identify the hottest market trends,” said Ekaterina Ivanova, who heads i-Free Events and the VAS & Apps Conference Organizing Committee. “The awards always bring new inspiration to the mobile industry. So, as always, we can expect more cool mobile products and services to hit the market in the wake of this year’s awards.”


    Click here to view the RMA`2013 photo gallery. For more information about the Russian Mobile Awards 2013, the winners, and finalists  visit its official website.


  • November 22. Opening of the Mobile Trends Forum

    Today the Mobile Trends Forum was opened, following the 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference. The Forum agenda deals with current mobile industry trends, new generation technology solutions and products, new mobile platforms and interfaces, digital content, mobile market investments. A separate session will cover payments solutions and NFC.

  • November 21st. Opening of the 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference

    The conference began work at 10 am. Ekaterina Ivanova, Head of the Organizing Committee and of i-Free Events (i-Free), addressed a welcome speech to the participants and speakers. She thanked the audience and talked about the new conference concept as well as about additional events that will take place as a part of the forum, such as the Mobile Projects Showcase and the Russian Mobile Awards 2013 Winners Ceremony. Last-minute news from the conference are posted on FB and Twitter.



  • TOP 5 Apps of Russian Mobile Awards’ 2013


    The judging panel of RMA’2013 has summarized the contest results and compiled the short lists for every category. Winners will be unveiled at the grand award ceremony, which will take place at Corinthia St.Petersburg Hotel on November, 21st at 7 PM. TOP 5 Apps include:


    "Best Mobile Game" category: Montezuma Blitz (Alawar Entertainment), Nitro Nation (Creative Mobile Games), Jungle Heat (Mail.Ru Games), Mushroom Wars (Creat Studio), Fate of Nations (HeroCraft).


    "Best Non-Gaming Application" category: Airlike (Displair), Droid Translator (Technology Improves the World), HopHop (Azoft), Lingvo Phrasebooks for iOS (ABBYY), Penxy (Penxy).


    "Best Mobile Service" category: AdPhone (Mirotel), Aviasales (Aviasales.ru), MediaStage TV (BCC), VeloMesto (WelcomeMedia), United Moscow Mobile Platform (Altarix).


    "Best SMS Service" category: UMS (MegaLabs), "All together" Fundraiser (Channel One), Caring about Subscribers (MTS), Moscow City SMS Portal and USSD menu (Altarix), English Lessons (Beeline).


    "Best Payment Service" category: Pay-me Mobile Payment Terminal (Beeline), payment features of "Russian Standard" Mobile Bank, namely money transfers using the card number via RS-express.ru (Russian Standard Bank), Instabank (Instabank), MTS Money Virtual Card (MTS), Tinkoff Mobile Bank (TCS Bank).


    "Best Start-up" category: HUDWAY (RIT LLC), iPressPad (iPressPad), i-Uh (AngioScan), LifePay (LifePay), MedM («Piter Software House).



  • 7 days left until the conference start


    To be discussed at the conference:


    • Mobile distribution through the high street and mobile phone manufacturers; opportunities in the Korean marketplace; shifts in the telecommunications market and movements of the key players; innovative mobile industry trends. Speakers from Google, MEF, Samsung, i-Free, beSUCCESS (Korean accelerator).


    • Games and Apps: analytics and insides; monetization secrets for games and no-game apps; gamification; achieving success in the Android platform. Speakers: Nicole Lazzaro – founder at XEODesign (expert of the videogames industry, a leader and an innovator in the social and mobile games field); often quoted by CNN, CNET and Wall Street. Also: App Annie, Creative Mobile, Google, i-Free, Mail.Ru, Yandex, and Fotostrana.


    • Opportunities for developers and new strategies for mobile operators: results of Google and Beeline’s year-long cooperation; selling mobile apps through Megafon showcases; new services and operator business models; international experience. Speakers: MST, Beeline, Megalans, Rostelekom, SUP.


    • Mobile content: digital content monetization and branding; added value for news content; business cases for music services; opportunities in the digital books market. Speakers: BBG, Digital Mind State, LitRes, Mondia Media Group. Special guest – Igor Sokolov, Strategic Director and one of the founders of the Yota Play project.


    • New devices and interfaces: sensor interfaces and game consoles; new devices and technologies; experiments with smart TV. Speakers: Microsoft, Samsung, Qualcomm.


    • Mobile and NFC-payments: overview of mobile payments infrastructure; discussion on mobile drivers;  new trends in NFC-payments; migration of payment and banking services into mobile devices etc. Speakers: HTC, Master Card, Samsung, Qiwi, Visa, Yandex.Money, Beeline, TKS bank, Tavrichesky bank


    • Successful investments in the mobile market. Speakers: Almaz Capital, Dentsu, NPTV, Mobile Monday Silicon Valley & Momentum Accelerator.


         Looking forward to seeing you at the Mobile VAS & Apps Conference and Mobile Trends Forum!






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