20th – 21st November 2014,

St. Petersburg, Russia

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TOP 5 Apps of Russian Mobile Awards’ 2013



  "Best Mobile Game":


  •   Jungle Heat (Mail.Ru Games) is a mobile game featuring hot battles for gold and oil in the heart of wild jungle. The player has to throw off tyrant who had usurped the power and to seize the treasures that he had gathered.


  • Montezuma Blitz (Alawar Entertainment) is a sequel of the legendary Match3 franchise from Alawar. In this f2p version, the player has to solve some fascinating problems, competes with his Facebook friends and tries to win prizes at weekly tournaments.


  • Nitro Nation (Creative Mobile Games) represents the new generation of mobile racing games. Magnetic 3D graphics, appallingly realistic physics and an endless gameplay depth will ensure you an unforgettable experience.


  • Mushroom Wars (Creat Studios) is a fast-moving real-time strategy. The player's aim is to defeat the enemy tribes or to capture some key points in the map.


  • Fate of Nations (HeroCraft) is Civilization-style mobile game featuring online multiplayer mode designed for several thousands of players.



"Best Non-Gaming Application":


  • Lingvo Phrasebooks for iOS (ABBYY) is a mobile app that helps you to express your thoughts in foreign languages, lets you learn most popular phrases and feel yourself easy abroad.


  • Airlike (Displair Inc.) is a mobile app for iPhone, which allows the users to exchange photos, videos and contacts quickly and easily.


  • Droid Translator (Technology Improves the World) –is the first in the world simultaneous machine interpreter for mobile, voice and video calls.


  • HopHop (Azoft) is a mobile social media, where the users can find interesting events near them, create events and share their plans with friends.


  • Penxy (Penxy) is an iOS app for broadcasting and recording presentations in 'Slides & Voiceover' format. It allows the speaker to change the slides on the screen and records the voice during the presentation.



"Best Mobile Service":


  •   United Moscow Mobile Platform (Altarix) is an infrastructure for city mobile services, ensuring the coordination of all parties involved in the delivery of e-services to the citizens.


  • AdPhone (Mirotel) is an advertising tool for small businesses who are the mobile operators' subscribers. It allows them to pay only for calls from interested customers.


  • Aviasales (Aviasales.ru) is an iOS app, which lets the user to find the most comfortable and cheap flights by comparing the variants offered by 728 air carriers, 40 online agencies and 5 booking systems.


  • MediaStage TV (BCC) is a platform implementing the concept of "three screens TV" - it allows watching TV anywhere, anytime, on any device, be it a TV set, a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.


  • VeloMesto (WelcomeMedia) is an interactive map for bikers, showing bike parkings, bike rentals, biker shops etc. in more than 200 cities in Russia and CIS. The user can also add new places himself.



"Best SMS Service":


  • "All together" Fundraiser (Channel One) went on the air of Channel One on October 29th. The viewers were encouraged to help families hit by the floods in the Russian Far East by texting the word VMESTE (Together) to 4447.


  • UMS (MegaLabs) is a service of processing messages via a single interface. The conversation with a user is displayed as correspondence history including all messages, namely SMS, MMS, online messengers, social media chats etc.


  • Caring about Subscribers (MTS) is a service, which allows complaining about SMS spam by forwarding it to 6333.


  • Moscow City SMS Portal and USSD menu (Altarix) incorporate more than 15 free services for Moscow citizens. All services are absolutely free for the citizens and available for the subscribers of any operator.


  • English Lessons (Beeline) is a service that will help the user to learn English individually using SMS. It also features a translation service.



"Best Payment Service":


  •   Tinkoff Mobile Bank (TCS Bank) is a mobile bank app available to TCS Bank customers at any time and in any place where an Internet connection is available. The app can be used for managing cards and accounts as well as for retrieving any financial information via your smartphone.


  • Pay-me Mobile Payment Terminal (Beeline) is a business solution that unfixes all established notions concerning the card payment ways. It offers to businesses new opportunities of switching to wire transfers.


  • Payment features of "Russian Standard" Mobile Bank, namely money transfers using the card number via RS-express.ru (Russian Standard Bank). Russian Standard Bank offers the service of "rs-express" money transfers in the Mobile bank app for Android and iOS. The app allows the user to transfer money from one card account to another by following the display hints.


  • Instabank (Instabank) is a mobile bank app for Facebook and smartphone users. This small and easy-to-use app features everything that a customer needs from the bank.


  • MTS Money Virtual Card (MTS) is a secure tool for making payments in online stores and on other web sites supporting bank cards payments.



"Best Start-up":


  • iPressPad (iPressPad) is a system enabling the user to publish mobile magazines, newspapers and catalogues for Android and iOS on a regular basis. It is a ready-made SaaS solution based on HTML, CSS, and XML open standards.


  • HUDWAY (RIT LLC) is a unique mobile app for displaying an image on the windscreen. It allows the user to foresee the driving situation thus increasing traffic safety under conditions of limited visibility.


  • i-Uh (AngioScan) is a hardware and software package for private use, which is set up using an i-Uh mobile diagnostic device dedicated for monitoring the state of user's cardiovascular system.


  • LifePay (LifePay) is a mobile solution for the payments market. It ensures payments from bank cards via a smartphone and warrants the security of all performed transactions.


  • MedM (Piter Software House) is an international project for the creation of modular software for remote monitoring of vital measurements.



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