20th – 21st November 2014,

St. Petersburg, Russia

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Main topics of 2014' conference


       November 20



  • Main mobile trends overview: global mobile trends, the specifics of the mobile industry's development in Russia and the CIS, and investment dynamics in the mobile market.
  • Mobile vendors' point of view on the distribution: strategies used by key players; embedding or making own shop; whether pre-installation of an app is a reason to buy it; alternative stores, grounds and channels; distribution opportunities.
  • Operators' session: payment methods offered by mobile network operators; using WAP and web clicks; incompetent laws and how they influence the market, etc.
  • Mobile Projects Showcase. This Showcase will present most interesting and promising mobile projects. This event is an ideal communication opportunity for investors, foundations, tech parks, accelerators,publishers, mobile product developers,vendors, app stores, etc. Exhibitors get an opportunity to present their project to potential business partners and investors face to face. Participation in the showcase is free for the owners of mobile products.
  • Russian Mobile Awards. RMA is a prestigious award for the best mobile industry projects and products in CIS. First established in 2008. Please send your application before October 25, 2014.
  • i-Free Party. Traditional party where conference participants can have some rest and to enjoy informal surroundings together with their partners and colleagues.



      November 21 


  • New devices and interfaces: strategies used by key players; how new devices create new markets and offer opportunities to the developers of solutions and products.
  • NFC technology: how the NFC market will be earning money; prospects of Cloud NFC; SE form factor and prospects of cloud solutions; innovative NFC services.
  • Mobile payments:  players' strategies in the context of increasing legislative pressure, case scenarios; efficient remote user identification.
  • Off-line business mobile projects: optimal utilization of mobile channel; own app or third-party services; actual content; personalization or mega actions; purchase full service management; attracting traffic to mobile apps, etc.
  • Mobile Game Development: current trends in game industry; monetization cases by genre; analytics in the games; projects distribution and geographical differentiation of app publishing; revenue sharing opportunities offered by mobile vendors; promising game genres, etc.;
  • SMART TV. At the cusp of an industry worth millions: market review, analytics and forecasts; is there any income in the industry and what market players will get it; business models and advertising opportunities; what do Smart TV market players rely on; whether games have a future on this ground; platforms and technologies.


For any queries concerning sponsorship, participation in the Conference, in the Mobile Projects Showcase and Russian Mobile Awards, please contact the Organizing Committee at org@vasforum.ru



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